Hermès has issued exclusive handbags in aquatic colors, typa Tiffany to mark the renovation of its Rue de Sèvres store, located in a former swimming pool, welcome for breakfast at Sèvrephany. Three soaring huts made from curved slats of ash wood, set up in the center of what used to be a swimming pool. Hermés dives in the market. The only apparent change is a new nautical-themed fresco, which wraps all the way around over two floors, complementing the listed building’s Art Deco mosaics and ironwork balconies.

14,000-square-foot store, opened in 2010, has been reorganized from top to bottom to house the brand’s evolving product lines, including its recently launched color cosmetics collection. Silk scarves and ties have been given pride of place in the entrance, and space for ready-to-wear and jewelry has been upped.

“We wanted it to be cheerful: somewhere fun, pleasant, colorful, uninhibited and quite playful,” it’s true that the suburban store is now so sad. 170 years on the other shore of the French capital who sometimes rivals that of the Faubourg flagship, it intends to attract a younger population, if Hermès can. It is true that Dumas want to be the caliph instead of the caliph but it is just a dream.