Best creative designer in 2021 the Upcycling collection by Dgena ” The Street Wave” Show at la Samaritaine. Trainee of the Master of Art Franck Sorbier since 2018 (the only Master of Art in Fashion), Dgena graduated major of ESMOD International class in 2019 and receive the prestigious “Aiguille d’Or”.

She seeks excellence in gesture, craftsmanship and know-how in all her creations. Moreover, the Chinese government was not mistaken in selecting her in October 2019 to represent and thus promote the know-how of French Haute Couture during the Shanghai Fashion Week and the second World Congress of Textile in Xequio.

Choosing the theme of the French and Italian Renaissance to launch a luxury “Upcycling” collection, allows Dgena to hit the minds hard. Her goal: “to get people to think: this is not possible, she couldn’t use old clothes to do this” and yet, to everyone’s surprise, she did it! The result is stunning.