In the face of ever-changing resources, unexpected obstacles, and a world that is digitizing new standards of reality, my sentiment is that unwavering creativity is the essence of living.

The words of philosopher Nietzsche read on the show notes at Marc Jacobs’ latest runway show, “We share our choices with a world beyond our insulated but not impermeable walls.”.

With this collection, Jacobs took his enveloping, dystopian shapes to the next level, merging classic American sportswear silhouettes with couture-like sensibilities (fabrics included vinyl, rubber, plastic, plaster, glass, foil, and more). The fall of 2022 was an extension of the message of protection from spring and fall of 2021, with quirky, cool aesthetics.
“Reaching beyond the walls of the library and onto the big screens of Times Square, the show demonstrated the power of fashion and Jacobs’s creative ability that has made him a star.”
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