A series of celebrities, including Rihanna, Patti Smith, and other VIPs, are chosen as ambassadors for Rimowa’s “Never Still” campaign

In a short film format, the “Never Still” campaign of RIMOWA gives life to a new era of travel by taking into account the extremely personal perspectives of four global legends. In collaboration with four exceptional brand ambassadors, Rimowa encourages us to travel with a new spirit and new awareness: Rihanna, Patti Smith, LeBron James, and Roger Federer.


Each of these stars offers a new perspective on travel in this campaign conceived in collaboration with the creative agency Anomaly Berlin, allowing us to expand our horizons and once again experience travel.

Rihanna, directed by video maker Gary Sorrenti, who goes into the desert in her Airstream camper to find inspiration. Rather, Patti Smith’s journey is an ode to movement as a search for “new pages for our story”. Through a medley of snapshots, LeBron James reveals his evolving mindset towards traveling internationally with the right kind of friends. Federer, who was forced to cease his relentless pace during the pandemic, rediscovers slow traveling….
The faithful travel companions of the four protagonists are the luxury bags and suitcases of Rimowa: base models, which include the iconic ridged suitcase with aluminium details and leather handles, which is joined by essential items for urban mobility like backpacks, totes, suitcases, and messenger bags. Those models that aren’t necessarily connected to travel, but nevertheless can be used to redefine travel and launch a new era.
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